How to improve your Service

I’m working as Service Manager (SM) of three Projects.
Every project as an Operation Manager (OM) in charge of a certain number of Team Leaders (TL).
Under the Team Leaders a lot of operators do the job.
It’s a simple command chain that worked well till last year, when the need of maximizing efficency became the first target to achieve.
Ok, it’s time to find out a new way to do the same job with less operators, I thought,  but…
as a Service Manager I’m not so deep into the processes to redesign them,
my Operation Managers have a too narrow vision to change their processes keeping the whole three Projects Service working


Checkmate and now?

A new way of making decisions was necessary, so I redesigned my command chain, replacing nodes with groups… simple not?

Maybe not, let me show you a picture:

Schermata 2014-06-10 alle 01.30.04

The schema is simple but how does it works?

Each Operation Manager is specialized in his project but gets a good knowledge of the other two, so their visions start widening until close to the whole service and the Service Manager puts what is missing.

The group can now brainstorms about new processes, and when a decision is taken each Operation Manager brings the changes to his Team Leaders, using the same schema (if needed).

The new schema is more fault tolerant, because every Operation Manager is a backup of the other two, and the group thinks very close to the Service Manager, so if a member is missing (for a short time) the others can do the job.

What I don’t tell you, is that you need a target-oriented leadership and well measured processes, to let your Opertion Managers find out the right solution for your problems and let you monitor if the whole service works.


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