4th and 5th CNC Axis

I’m back with a new CNC project.

This is a small Tilting rotary table to add a 4th and 5th axis to a CNC mill.

Motors and Belts are small, but that was what I’ve at home (recycle from old printers).

You can find the Fusion360 project with BOM here:


I’ve finish cutting parts and start to assembly the table

the main shaft and table are missing because I need a lathe (it’s in my shopping list)

Yesterday arrived the gears and belts so I make some tests connecting it to my 3dprinter board, that you can see here:



hope you will enjoy it.


Come aumentare la sicurezza di casa

Poiché il tema della sicurezza è sicuramente molto sentito in Italia, sopratutto in questi tempi, ho pensato di scrivere questo articolo in italiano.

Scopo di questo breve post è quello di fare vedere come, con una piccola spesa, sia possibile rendere più difficili lo scasso a quel target di malintenzionati occasionali, che solitamente passano di casa in casa cercando di entrare in quelle meno difese, per razziare qualsiasi cosa abbia un minimo di valore sul mercato, tanto da farli optare per la casa del vicino.

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How to improve your Service

I’m working as Service Manager (SM) of three Projects.
Every project as an Operation Manager (OM) in charge of a certain number of Team Leaders (TL).
Under the Team Leaders a lot of operators do the job.
It’s a simple command chain that worked well till last year, when the need of maximizing efficency became the first target to achieve.
Ok, it’s time to find out a new way to do the same job with less operators, I thought,  but…
as a Service Manager I’m not so deep into the processes to redesign them,
my Operation Managers have a too narrow vision to change their processes keeping the whole three Projects Service working


Checkmate and now?

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